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Be tempted by the luck and the lovely

It could be pure luck or the power of attraction (touch wood!) but I have always won something at Temptations Lotto. As I happily collected my bonus tickets and $85 winnings from a few scratches, Rani and I also caught up on whether my beans had taken in the garden. You would think with the many faces all asking to be sold the ‘winning ticket,’ we would all become a blur. Far
from it!

We may buy there because it is in fact a lucky store, having sold 26 first division winning tickets and over 100 second division. We definitely buy there for Rani and Harpel. This dynamic couple has had the Lotto shop for 16 years! We have watched their children grow up, and they have ours.

‘The children that used to come in with their parents, are now adults!’ says Rani. She absolutely loves it when a local wins and she can see it make a difference in their lives. For the young ones, this is an amazing stepping stone. It’s got people into the property market and allowed them to do things that they would have to save for years to do.

‘This store is like my second home. It’s like the lounge of Highbury where I catch up with customers that have become friends and are a part of my life,’ says Rani. ‘I genuinely missed everyone when we were in lockdown!’

Highbury is very much is a meeting place. For many it’s their regular outing and point of social contact and they will often pop into Rani; sometimes even with treats. ‘I have lovely customers. I got home made cupcakes the other week. I’ve had delicious chutney and even a home-grown chilli!’

Put to good use as Rani loves cooking. Spicy Indian and oven roasts being her favourite. This truly reflects her heritage being third generation kiwis.

So what’s the key to her success and longevity in the game? ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but never forget how you made them feel’ says Rani, ‘but I also remember what they say. What people talk about is what is important to them. I like to learn people’s stories. No two are the same. It makes every day interesting.’

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