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Bach Flower Remedies – how they can help you – Health2000

What are they and how they can help you?

First, what are Bach Flowers? Dr Edward Bach first discovered 38 flower remedies in the 1930s. He believed bach remedies could assist with emotional well-being, and change a negative state of mind into a positive one.

How can Bach flowers help you?

With the 21st-century hustle and bustle, life can often be chaotic. We’re consumed by technology and social media, and we aren’t doing our minds any favours with the constant overconsumption. Dr Bach’s remedies were created to help you find the calm you deserve because life is a constant juggle. Work, family life, social commitments, bills, pets, that never-ending to-do list. With all of this come emotions that can be difficult to navigate.

The Rest&Quiet Range

Rest&Quiet original potency Bach flower remedies have alcohol-free formulas, aiming to help the lives of busy New Zealander’s facing daily stressors.

Calm Formula

To calm the mind and soothe nerves, created with busy people in mind. For those workaholics who are taking on all the responsibilities. Everyone, from busy mums to students to business owners.

Sleep Formula

Tired of sleepless nights? Getting enough sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep with our Sleep formula. Made with 6 bach flower remedies specific for sleep needs.

Focus formula

Get the most out of your day. Breakdown mental fog for the mind and support mental focus and clarity. Blended with 7 bach flower remedies and vitamin B12.

Bespoke Bach Flower Remedies

Health2000 Highbury Mall in Birkenhead make Bespoke Flower Remedies in store.  There is a list of the 42 flowers used to remedy, and the different emotions that can be addressed.  A few drops in a water bottle or under the tongue 4 times a day will be all that is required.  When finished your Health2000 professional can address the next layer of emotions.

Always read the label and take as directed.  If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.  Martin & Pleasance Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

Health 2000

Health 2000

Using quality products sourced from nature, Health 2000 endeavour to help customers live a healthy life, whether that be through…

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