Recycle Runway Contestants

THANK YOU to our wonderful contestants for all the hard work they have put into making their garments. You can read a full blurb and find more images below. Enjoy!

Amelia Smith, 15, Carmel College 

My name is Amelia Smith, I am 15 years old and I go to Carmel College. I entered this competition to experience something new, and to challenge myself to new limits. For my outfit, I went op-shopping for inspiration. I had a picture in my mind of what I had wanted to make a for a while, which matched with some trends coming into recent fashion. To create my pieces, I used a long pink dress for the pants and a simple white shirt with a pair of old shoelaces for the top. I freehandedly cut them up and unstitched where needed so I could execute my ideas. By the time I had finished creating the outfit, I had small scraps of leftover fabric which I wanted to use. I ended up making a bucket had, with lining to match the pants. My outfit is sustainable from many different perspectives. I was able to use old items of clothing that were not being used, and transformed them into something that I love and will wear often, I was able to think about trends I like to see in stores, and make them unique to my style, and most importantly, I was able to use every piece of fabric from the clothes I used, to leave zero waste behind.


Syntyche Khoo 

I am Syntyche. A Year 10 student from Carmel College.

My inspiration came from the movie Clueless by Cher’s yellow outfit that included a yellow blazer and skirt. I decided to enter Recycle Runway since it is an opportunity to try something new. I changed up the colours to match the blue and purple fabric that I had. The blue and purple fabric was from the old Thai dress I had years ago and hadn’t worn. As for the blazer and top, I used an old blue duvet cover that I had bought a few months ago from Vinnies Op shop that I was going to use to make masks. I also used the duvet fabric to wrap around an old headband for an accessory; I also decided to add a flower that I made from leftover duvet fabric to make it more unique. This outfit is sustainable as it is out of items that I no longer use around the house or bought before and was stored aside. The fabrics were put to good use and created into a sustainable outfit that anyone can wear.



Margo Dolgova, High School leaver 

I’m a high school leaver and I recycle clothes for myself and other people. Photos below are pieces of a complete outfit I have created through recycling. I’m fascinated by upgrading clothes to another level and putting my art on clothes. All materials I have used in this piece are either thrifted or made by hand. This piece of clothing is fully sustainable as I made everything myself.I love creating and recycling clothing for myself and other people. This year in school I have been doing a fashion project by taking other people’s clothes and upgrading them. It’s a passion of mine.


Isobel Beszant, 15, Takapuna Grammar  

My name is Isobel Beszant from Takapuna Grammar school and I am 15 years old. I really enjoyed the experience of creating a fashion piece for this recycled runway.
My outfit is about how I felt over this year and how I think I have grown as a person. The blazer Is a representation of me now and how I feel I have improved myself. Some examples of this are the butterfly and the painting on the back showing how I felt like I was escaping what others thought of me and finally really being myself. Underneath I have created an outfit that uses colours like white, cream, pale blue, baby pink and pastel colours. This layer of the outfit uses the idea of starting fresh. For my outfit I took a lot of inspiration from The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine for the blazer’s design, by using their iridescent colours and flowers. This idea was about how people gain their personality and how they flourish. In this outfit all of the clothing items were bought from  second hand shops and pretty much all of the fabrics used were old scrap fabrics that were being given away. I used other recycled materials like old buttons, bottle caps and lace from old damaged clothing.


Cara Clark-Howard, year 13, Westlake Girls High School

My name is Cara Clark-Howard and I am currently in year 13 at Westlake Girls High School. My creation is a reversible button up top. This top has been patchworked together consisting completely of fabric scraps. The plain side is offcuts from a company called Freeset. Freeset is located in West Bengal, Indian and taken women out of sex trafficking and supplies them with fair pay, ethical jobs in a looming factory. They also have 100% ethical cotton in all products. The colourful side is from a company called Secret Project and consists of sari scraps. So this garment has taken trash that would be in landfill into a new, beautiful garment. Because it is reversible it is also more sustainable as it can be worn on different occasions.


Georgia Heron, Year 13, Westlake Girls High School

The issue I am interested in is sustainability. I wanted to base the design on finding items that would be thrown into landfill and use them to create my garment. During my research I came up with 3 things that I want to incorporate into my design which is upcycled denim, pop tabs from used cans and lastly yarn to crochet the pop tabs together. From my research I gathered a range of ways to connect pop tabs to one another from watching youtube videos and garments that have been upcycled and looked very stylish from using pop tabs. Sustainability in fashion design is very important for our future generations to have a clean, free environment. The fashion industry today is a multi billion dollar business which is affecting the ecosystem. The industry is booming with fast fashion with trends going in and out so fast it’s producing a huge amount of waste. In this particular industry there is a fairly short product life cycle because styles, trends and tastes change regularly. This garment is very sustainable because everything used to create this jacket is made from previously used things. The denim came from old skirts, jeans and the pop tabs were collected from bars, friends and family and from the Metal salvage services and the pink yarn was from my sister. I was inspired by the company BOTTLE TOP because they make handbags out of pop tabs and I loved the effect that it gave.


Skye Pickles, aged 12, Whangaparoa College 

I used all the ‘hello fresh’ ‘left overs’, as me and mum had talked about all the waste from our meals.
Fashion can be made from anything to stop it going to land full.
After playing around with it we started to call it ‘hello fashion’.
Hello fashion draws attention to waste and how we should be more sustainable in packaging


Isla, Sophie & Libby, Year 11, Carmel College

We are Isla, Sophie and Libby, three girls in year 11 at Carmel College who are passionate about the environment and fashion. We enjoy op-shopping and salvaging old pieces of clothing to be refurbished.
The model is one of our younger sisters, Claire.
Our garment is made out of material from old pieces of clothing that were no longer wearable, e.g had rips or holes. The top was made out of scraps of fabric pieced together, and the skirt was made out of an old pair of jeans. The ribbon for the top was also reused from a birthday present.
Our garment was inspired from a natural colour theme to avoid an artificial look, which is why we used a lot of green. The biggest goal we wanted to achieve for our garment was to ensure it could also be worn in public and not just at the fashion show. We want to embrace the reused materials so that they’re not just reused once, but can be reused countless times.






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