Red Traffic Light

On 29 November 2021 the Government announced Auckland will move to the COVID-19 Protection Framework Traffic Light System ‘Red’ with effect from 11.59pm Thursday 2 December meaning the rest of our businesses can open from Friday 3 December 2021.

We’re so excited to welcome all our retailers back, it has been a tough time for many businesses since the lockdown.  Below is some helpful information on how we and our retailers will be doing business under the CPF Red.  Please note these restrictions are subject to change at any time without notice but we’ll do our best to keep this up to date, for the latest guidance on the traffic light system click here.

For the abbreviated version of the main changes to how we will trade under CPF Red, read here:

  • Face coverings are required whilst in centre. Please have your exemption pass ready if you are not able to wear one. Children under 12 years are not required to wear a face covering.
  • Everyone is welcome – We provide a mixture of retail & services as well as essential services so you will not be required to provide a My Vaccine Pass upon entering the centre.
  • My Vaccine Pass – Some of our retailers may require you to present a My Vaccine Pass prior to entering their store and may need to verify this against a valid ID. Please have this ready for those retailers that request it. Children under 12 years are not required to provide a My Vaccine Pass.
  • Food court – tables have been spaced out to allow for social distancing. Have your My Vaccine pass ready in case food retailers ask to sight this upon service.
  • Contact Tracing – Remember to scan into the contact tracing app upon entry to the mall and retail stores.
  • Keeping you safe – we’re monitoring the number of people in centre and some of our stores may limit the number of people allowed in their shops to allow for social distancing.

For a more lengthy explanation on how we’re running things, grab a cup of tea and keep reading:

General retail can operate at Red under the Traffic Light System, with customers being able to enter premises, wearing face coverings and keeping 1 metre apart. Please note customers under 12 years are not required to show a My Vaccine Pass nor are they required to wear a mask.

Cafes and restaurants
With a My Vaccine Pass being sighted, hospitality can open and allow up to 100 people in their premises, based on 1 metre physical distancing.  Customers must be seated and separated. Face coverings are encouraged while customers are not eating. Retailers will need to sight customer  My Vaccine Passes and may request to verify your pass with valid ID. If Vaccine passes aren’t used these hospitality retailers can offer contactless pick up or delivery only.

Hairdressers, beauty salons & massage therapists
Close Contact Businesses can operate with My Vaccine pass checks in place. Face coverings will be required. Where a My Vaccine Pass is not used Close Contact Businesses are not able to operate

Gym and Indoor Recreation
Club physical can open with My Vaccine Pass checks in place for up to 100 people based on 1 metre physical distancing.  If the My Vaccine Pass was not being used, our gym wouldn’t be able to open.

Food court
The food court seating area will open to those with a My Vaccine Pass.  Limited seating will be available and you’ll notice some chairs and tables have been removed to allow for physical distancing between tables.

Play spaces & reset areas
We don’t have any play spaces, so that’s easy – we want some though…  Hopefully in the future.  Seated respite areas are open. Be mindful of others when using these. Our awesome cleaning staff will be wiping down high touch point surfaces regularly.

We’ve ramped up the cleaning throughout this whole pandemic and we’re still cleaning heaps. Additional sanitisation of all common areas in the centre will continue to be conducted, with particular focus on the toilets and high touchpoint areas.

Last but not least, a big heart felt warm thank you. Thank you for continuing to shop with us and support our retailers. We 💓 you.



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